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Urho3D::AttributeInfo Struct Reference

Description of an automatically serializable variable. More...

#include </var/dev/u3d/stable/Source/Urho3D/Core/Attribute.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AttributeInfo ()=default
 Construct empty.
 AttributeInfo (VariantType type, const char *name, const SharedPtr< AttributeAccessor > &accessor, const char **enumNames, const Variant &defaultValue, AttributeModeFlags mode)
 Construct attribute.
const VariantGetMetadata (const StringHash &key) const
 Get attribute metadata.
template<class T >
GetMetadata (const StringHash &key) const
 Get attribute metadata of specified type.

Public Attributes

VariantType type_ = VAR_NONE
 Attribute type.
String name_
const char ** enumNames_ = nullptr
 Enum names.
SharedPtr< AttributeAccessoraccessor_
 Helper object for accessor mode.
Variant defaultValue_
 Default value for network replication.
AttributeModeFlags mode_ = AM_DEFAULT
 Attribute mode: whether to use for serialization, network replication, or both.
VariantMap metadata_
 Attribute metadata.
void * ptr_ = nullptr
 Attribute data pointer if elsewhere than in the Serializable.

Detailed Description

Description of an automatically serializable variable.

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