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The most powerful open-source 2D and 3D game development platform, designed to let you focus on creating amazing games. Freedom, no limits.

Artificial Intelligence Engine Demo

Powerful AI

Recast/Detour Artificial Intelligence technology that handles character behaviors with modular sensory systems such as hearing and sight, and supports the requirements of the locomotion systems.

Procedural Animation Engine Demo

Procedural Animation

Procedural algorithms such as CC IK, example-based IK, and physical simulations, are used to augment animations to avoid the typical computer-generated look.

Real World Physics Engine Demo

Real World Physics

3D physics powered by Bullet Physics, and Box2D powering 2D. Rigid bodies, soft bodies, ragdoll characters and vehicles are directly in your control.

Fully-integrated cross-platform editing environment

The built-in editor is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for game developers of all skill levels to quickly create and edit their games. Plus, with its cross-platform compatibility, you can work on your game from any device, no matter what operating system you use.

U3D Game Engine Built-in Editor
U3D Scene Browser

Scene Browser

Helping you keep track of your level content and quickly locate and edit objects, as well as organize your scene into convenient layers and asset dependencies.

U3D Terrain Editor

Terrain Editor

U3D features a landscape design tool. Supports sculpting and painting of alpha layers onto terrain to control blending and decoration, collision data and displacement maps.

U3D Content Browser

Content Browser

A powerful asset browser for organizing your game content, including instant asset search, a robust tagging system and drag-and-drop object placement.

The Power to Create your Vision

Created by developers, for developers. U3D aims to give you the tools you need to stand up your game quickly, then experiment with and iterate on your game's design.

Free and open source

No royalties, no fees, no obligations, no strings attached. All the power to you and your team.

Built-in Editor

U3D and it's cross-platform suite of tools put the power to create stunning experiences at your fingertips. Visually create and manage scenes, materials and terrains.

Asset Workflow

Import files from any Digital Content Creation tool using industry standards such as FBX, DAE and glTF, as well as community favorites like MD5, IQM and MD3.

Multiplayer Made Easy

Bandwidth, latency, and packet loss are primary concerns among anyone looking to make a multiplayer games. Built on top of SLikeNet (RakNet), U3D gives you the power to create robust simulations.

Powerful Scripting

Build with AngelScript and Lua. The built-in editor is powered by AngelScript, allowing you to easily customize your workflow. Native code is only used for low-level modules like rendering, physics and sound.

Create Once, Deploy Anywhere

Deliver incredible interactive experiences on leading platforms such as Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, tvOS, Raspberry Pi and the web.